Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California is more than just gatherings, activities and events of our youth.  It is a relationship between the parish and its young members. 

Like a relationship, youth ministry has many dimensions.  At its heart, there is a pattern of listening, caring, responding and sharing.  Holy Name of Jesus’ goal is to nurture the relationships between youth and their peers, youth and their families, youth and the youth ministry leaders and youth with the parish community.

Youth Ministry at Holy Name supports the members in a manner where youth feel valued and welcomed in the parish, and are included in parish life.

We know the youth in the community and provide innovative and changing events, gatherings and opportunities for involvement that respond to youth’s needs from this relationship.

The ministry is multifaceted; there are different ways to be involved and different levels of involvement.  We connect with families to reinforce youth ministry involvement.

Our youth are not passive receivers of ministry, but rather have ownership and shared leadership in the programs, activities, and community life.  Our youth witness to their faith with their peers.



Greg Warner, Sr. (323) 974-7405
Norma Mitchell ( 323) 356-9922

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