Knights of Peter Claver

The members of Council and Court 121 serve Holy Name of Jesus Church (HONJ) and the community of South Los Angeles, California on many levels.  121 sponsors the Mini Kitchen which provides for over 7,000 meals annually to the neighborhood.  121 offers annual scholarships to HNOJ graduating students for continuing Catholic school education and additional scholarships for high school seniors pursuing a college education.  Members of our Order are leaders in church ministries such as Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Society, Choirs, Pastoral and Finance Councils, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Lectors, Religious Education instructors, Bible Study, Marriage Encounter and Girl Scouts.

Council and Court #121 also have the honor of being the largest Council and Court in the Western States District (WSD) and leads the District in providing National, District, and local leadership to out noble order with past Jr. Knight William King served as Jr Deputy Supreme Knight (he is now in disernment at Juan Diego House), past Jr. Daughter Rosalind Smith served as Jr. WSDC President, past Jr Daughter Angelia Chew served as Jr. WSDC Vice President, Jr. Daughter Samara Holloway is currently serving as WSDJC Mistress At Arms.  Brother Leroy Titus served as WSDC President-Knights, Grand Lady Franz Aubry is currently serving as WSDC President-Ladies, Lady Karen Pinson is currently serving as WSDC Recording Secretary, Lady Shelia Thomas served as WSDC Jr. Daughter Directress, Vice Grand Lady Lady Bridget Vavasseur is serving as WSDC Protocol Officer, Brother Lonnell McBroom is currently serving as CCC President, and Lady Lori Mccoy-Shuler currently serving as CCC Vice President.  Two members have served the District on the National Court Board of Directors as Western States District Deputies; Lady Mary Lee Mayes and Lady Jean Harris.

Since 1951, Council and Court 121 has had a celebrated history of Knights of Peter Claver accomplishments, activities and involvement.  We collaborate for the betterment of our Order and Parish. The members in 121 have been the recipient of many awards, Financial Secretary of the Year Award, Grand Knight/Lady of the Year and Council/Court of the Year.  We also have recipients on a National level with several Silver Awards.  It is an honor that sets a threshold of excellence that the Council/Court is proud of and we continue to excel in.   Our members provide financial assistance, in the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood, to support dues, sponsorships to conferences or any occurrence that promotes Claverism. We pride ourselves in being ordinary folks doing extraordinary things for our Order, Church, Community and our World.

If you are interested in joining a Council, Court, Jr. Branch or Junior Court, please contact Brother Keith LeSassier and Lady Franz Aubry.


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